Q. What is storypix?

Storypix is a mobile documentary format. It is a portrait video player, that also allows you to listen to the content like a podcast - without the feeling you’re missing out. How that works? It consists of a single audio track and videos that you can swipe through while you listen, without skipping the audio. The videos eventually loop. At any time you can lock your phone and enjoy the story as a podcast and whenever you open your phone again you’re back into the visual player.

We designed it around an interview and documentary video, but you can use these tools as you like. The stories can be shared through social media, in a channel on the website or they can be published on billboards as part of a community building or in public space.

Q. what is a channel?

Channels are collections where stories are organised. This can be a series of stories on people in your co-working space, your town or university. It can be a something you’re working on or the company that you run. You can compare it to starting a podcast: you come up with an idea, you give it a title and start producing episodes.

Q. Can I start a channel?

Yes. We have a partner program for organisations/individuals/companies to create stories around what they do. We know that many of us struggle to make a shift from writing newsletters (that no one reads) to more personal, visual, mobile storytelling format, but one that actually has substance. We can help organisations get started with this. We also have a billboard format where visitors can access these stories on their phone, even from behind a window. This allows visitors or passersby to know what the company is about. If you want to know more about this get in touch with us here.

Next to our partnership program, we also have creators program for individual makers who would like to experiment with the format. We have only just started exploring the possibilities and we look forward to see how other creatives will use it. If you’re a podcast producer, a filmmaker or an artist with an interesting idea, we love to talk. Get in touch with us here.

Q. How does the billboard format work?

Storypix is built around a portrait video format, which allows stories to be previewed on billboard in public space. Each story therefore has a unique link which consists of a 6 second videoclip, a bold title and a QR code. Visitors that scan the code will be taken right to the player on the browser of their phone (no apps needed). Previews can be programmed from 3 - 6 in a row and play as a loop. Community members with a licence will be able to program their screens by choosing the stories on display.

Q. Will you make an app?

We are currently building Storypix on the web, which allows us to quickly iterate and find out the best way to create a story. We are learning a lot, but at the moment we can only personally provide you with an account. In the future we aim to simplify this and make a native app. We will announce this on our website and our social channels.